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FAQ - Donor

Questions and answers

1. How does the 1step2be portal work?
1step2be is completely free portal which combines features of both fundraising and crowdfunding into one. 1step2be is dedicated to helping charities and those in need. Donors are able to fundraise for charities and those in need without spending a single pound. 1step2be is based on the innovative process of textile monetisation, whereby clothes are turned into money and donated to the desired charity or fundraiser.
2. What should I include in the packed bags?
Anything that you have previously donated in door-to-door collections like: jackets, coats, dresses, trousers, jumpers, shirts, T-shirts, unused lingerie, paired shoes, boots, jewellery and handbags. In addition, your donated bags can include small decorative objects like curtains, tablecloths, bedding and towels, soft and hard toys, as well as bric-a-brac. In a nutshell - everything that can fit into the bag.

Any donation is greatly appreciated, and whilst your donation will include items you no longer want, please ensure that they are clean and usable. Remember that whilst your clothes are being turned into donations for a certain cause, they will also be reused by those in need.
3. What not to put in your bag?
Wet textiles, huge items like: furniture, household equipment, as well as VHS cassettes, board games and books.
4. How should I prepare for packing the textiles?
With the highest care. Spend as much time, as you need for their careful preparation. While choosing things, which you want to put into bags, you will give them a second life. Think about the people who, thanks to you, will have a chance to still use them. Make sure that the things you donate are clean, in good condition, and donated shoes are paired. May finally your donation be your business card of your goodwill not only for the person, who will receive money in process of textiles monetisation, but also for people, who will have an opportunity to use the things you donated.
5. Do I need to pay any fee from my donation?
No you don’t. We never charge and fees or commission. We always transfer 100% of funds which will be shown on the progress bar of your chosen campaign.
6. When will the ordered textiles become a financial donation?
The whole textiles monetising system is transparent. We really want to assure you that a donation you give will really support the causes of the Charity’s campaign you choose. That is why the monetising system has been simplified and automated, and additionally it is free from fees and commissions.

Learn about the assumptions of the textiles monetising system:
  1. Order the collection of the textiles by choosing the campaign you’d like to donate to
  2. A courier will weigh your textiles in your presence
  3. You confirm the weight of the collected textiles and this amount is donated to your chosen campaign
  4. Each 1 kilo = 13 pence
  5. The whole amount received shows on the progress bar of the campaign you support.
The process of textile monetisation is transparent, clear, simple and risk-free.
7. Why do I need to provide my email address each time a courier comes to collect the bags?
Your email address which you had given earlier during weighing the bags, is our confirmation of the amount of donated bags of textiles written by the courier. Thanks to the fact that you have confirmed that, we are sure that a courier didn’t make a mistake while weighing the bags. Having your email address we will be able to send you a summary and details regarding your financial donation to your chosen campaign.
8. What function does 1step2be’s portal play in the support of campaigns?
1step2be is only a tool, which according to its mission wishes to connect Those in Need and Donors, thanks to which your mutual needs are fulfilled. You as a Donor decide to give away things which you no longer use, and Those in Need, because of your engagement, gain a chance of gathering funds for the causes specified in the 1step2be campaign run by you. 1step2be enables that cooperation and does not charge any fees or commissions.
9. What guarantee do I have that the bags I had ordered will be collected?
We give you 100% guarantee that we collect bags you order. The 1step2be portal has optimized the process of collection of ordered textiles in a way to give you statutory guarantee of successful finalization of this process. However, you must remember that your willingness of doing that must be equally proportional to ours. It is vital to us to raise funds as quickly as possible for the cause described in the campaign that you have decided to support. A courier will give you a ring and will arrange all the details of collecting bags at a time suitable for you. Allow more time on the collection day, so you will be able to give your textiles and confirm the amount of finances received through the process of monetisation.
10. What guarantee do I have that my donation will reach the chosen campaign?
You have 100% guarantee. You make all the choices on the campaign card. 1step2be is a portal that has been created for the People in Need. Our aim is making people happier and more fulfilled. We believe that users of 1step2be are only people whose goals are common with ours. However, taking into consideration the reality of the world which surrounds us - we have decided to entrust you. That is why the responsibility lies on your shoulders to give your bags of textiles to a courier in person. You ought to participate in the process of weighing and confirming the amount of kilos by writing in your email address. We guarantee from our side that following all the mentioned above steps gives 100% certainty, that your donations will reach the account of the campaign of your choice. In the world created by us, all is in your hands!
11. What containers shall I use for packing textiles?
Taking care of the environment is vital to us. We want to help not only people who seek our help, but also the world that is our global home. For that reason it is not so important for us what you will pack your textiles into - you may use bin bags, shopping bags, or the bags that you receive in your mailbox within the framework of door-to-door collections. All the containers you will use for packing your textiles will undergo ecological utilization and will be subject to recycling.
12. Why the virtual 1step2be coin comes from the process of textiles monetisation?
In our basic assumption, we have decided to combine a few elements. Our team have regularly engaged themselves in fundraising on fundraising and crowdfunding portals. Thanks to that, we have learned that sometimes despite the best intentions and many requests for support, it is difficult to find spare funds to support such numerous campaigns.

We had been thinking for a long time if there is any possible model, which could really help those in need, but that will not strain families’ budgets, or their closer or distant acquaintances’ budgets. This is how the idea of starting 1step2be was born. Thanks to its innovation it helps in assisting others, without the need of spending even a single pound, only with the resources we have too many of in each house. Thanks to the process of textiles monetisation, your textiles are becoming a virtual coin, appearing on the progress bar of the campaign you support. After its finished, the funds collected on the progress bar are paid to the bank account indicated by the campaign author. In result, donated textiles are denominators for the appearing money.
13. What shall I do if the courier fails to collect my packed bags?
Probably a courier has not managed to contact you in order to confirm the time of collection, and when he knocked the on door - there was no one home. We will happily try to collect the bags you had prepared, but it will also require engagement from your side. Don’t worry, according to our rules we will try to collect them again within 7 days. We will send you an electronic notification, reminding you that our courier will arrange with you the details of recollection. Maybe the time you have gained, you might want to spend on adding a few more items to your already packed bags?
14. How can I know how many kilos are in my packed bags?
We absolutely do not require that kind of knowledge. The only thing you must do is to state the amount of bags you donate. The courier, who will be collecting them from you, will weigh them in your presence, and you ought to confirm that fact by writing your email address. That’s why it is so crucial that you are present at that time, as each kilo brings a person in need closer to achieving the goal of the campaign.
15. What is the average weight of textiles in one bag?
Everything depends on what you have decided to pack into it. If you have chosen a standard 60-L bin bag, then a full one will weigh approx. 8 to 10 kilos. While when it comes to bags used for D2D collection, one of those bags can fit 4 to 6 kilos of textiles. You may donate any amount of bags and sacks! Remember, however, to carefully secure all things that can be damaged, so packing them, for instance, in a carton.
16. In my opinion, my donation has been miscalculated. Who and how should I contact in this matter?
If you confirmed the amount of kilos of textiles given to a courier by writing your email address, and despite that, you think that a situation has happened which raises your doubts, you can always describe it using the "Report us your doubts" function, by clicking the graphic in the bookmark page Donations, available in the User’s panel. Each of your textile orders has its unique number, making it possible to identify it and start the process of correcting the irregularities.
17. What date will my textile order be collected?
We will do our best to collect your order within the time limit indicated by you. You will receive a phone call from us in order to arrange a precise time of collection. You must remember though, that due to the complexity of the process of collection of bags you ordered and at the same time, the necessity of cooperation with external partners, we reserve the right to collect them within 7 days from the date you had specified. The human factor is of a great importance in an effective ordered textiles service. We do our best to ensure the time of completion of the order is as short as possible, because we do care the same as you about helping the chosen person in need.
18. How can I contact a courier?
You do not have to take the responsibility of contacting a courier. A courier will phone you in order to clarify the collection time of the bags with textiles you prepare. Remember that we have a statutory 7 days to collect them, but obviously we will try our best to collect it at a time convenient for you.
19. How many campaigns can I support?
In 1step2be we do not introduce any limitations. You may support as many campaigns as you wish.
20. When do textiles given to a courier become a financial donation?
Your donation appears once the process of textile monetisation is complete, and it starts when you give ordered bags to a courier. After they have been weighed and you confirmed the amount of kilos, the whole amount received in that process appears on the progress bar of a campaign you support. We send you a confirmation of the transfer of your donation to the email address that you gave us.
21. When can I withdraw my order of textiles?
You cannot withdraw your textiles order, because at the moment of its completion, which means declared willingness to support a campaign, 1step2be automatically starts a complicated process of textile monetisation. We ask you to think your decision over carefully and read the description of the campaign, which you are going to support. Thanks to that all sides that connect with each other through 1step2be will avoid disappointment. Bear in mind that People in Need really count on your help and engagement, that’s why reason and sincere intentions are so important when choosing a campaign you want to support.
22. I want to donate to somebody else. Can I?
You can order another batch of packed textiles, that will undergo the process of textile monetisation. This may only happen in a situation when you choose another campaign. Changing the choice of supported campaign after you have already ordered textile collection is no longer possible. Don’t worry though, surely there will be other things in your house which you can donate to support on other campaigns.
23. In what way does my donation help?
The tiniest gesture of goodwill, each small thing that you put into your bag is of great value, when you look at it from the point of view of scale. If we multiply the amount of gestures like yours then in a short time we are going to reach the aim of the campaign! Your financial donation is an essential element of the success of a chosen campaign, so get down to work, as „We can make a difference. If we try!”
24. What happens with given textiles?
At 1step2be your actions support those who in a given moment need your help. Our Partners, thanks to collected textiles, also support and assist those, who because of various reasons also need help. Textiles you give will undergo a process of recycling, which means that significant amounts will be sent as targeted assistance to less wealthy countries in the world.
25. Do I need to provide my personal details?
Yes, you do. Your personal data is essential for monetisation of the textiles you order, and at the same time to the final transfer of financial donation. Don’t worry though, that we might use your personal data. We protect your identity and will always do so.
Learn more details by browsing our Privacy policy.
26. Can I help anonymously?
Of course, you can. We can book your donation on the campaign card in an anonymous way, so your personal data will not be published anywhere. If you don’t want your personal data to be visible to other users of the 1step2be portal, simply click the „anonymous” option when ordering textiles. However, your personal data is essential for the process of passing textiles and their monetisation to be completed, but we assure you that we will not publish that information anywhere.
27. How can I get engaged more in a chosen campaign?
You can act in many ways. Make use of a few ideas, that we have listed below:
  1. Share the chosen campaign on your social media profiles and encourage your friends to support it.
  2. Invite your friends to support the chosen campaign in private messages. The ability of generating a link to a campaign makes it possible.
  3. Organise textiles collection at your workplace, at your school, in the local community, church or on your estate, where you live.
  4. Contact the author of the campaign and ask them if you can take part in their planned or organized activities.
  5. Print out and distribute posters regarding your supported textile collection
Find out more and check our „A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign”
28. Can I also start a campaign?
Certainly, if you have your own objective, or you know about somebody else’s cause, and you would like to bring them closer it its completion, then you can start a campaign, thanks to which you will be able to raise money. You may run your own campaign or become a Fundraiser for A Person in Need. Remember only that in both cases the campaign objective must be realistic. Please acquaint yourself with the rules regarding Those in Need, making use of the FAQ regarding THOSE IN NEED.
29. How may I be sure that I help somebody, who really needs that help?
The philosophy of any functionalities and possibilities which the 1step2be portal offers is based only on interpersonal relations - and those are based on trust. In 1step2be, you may help someone whom you know. You may also opt to donate only to those campaigns, which your friends recommend and share. The most important thing is that you don’t have to force yourself to donate to a cause that you are not sure of – you may always give your donation to statutory aims of your favourite Charity. No matter which option you choose, acquaint yourself with the content of the campaign, you want to support.
30. Who decides about campaigns posted on the 1step2be portal?
All responsibility for posted and conducted campaigns on the 1step2be portal lies only with the authors of campaigns. Every day we verify all campaigns being posted and we remove those, which are either incompatible with our regulations, or have the wrong character, or may be found offensive. Fortunately, those situations happen seldom. If you have come across something that should raise our anxiety, report abuse on a campaign card.
31. Can I support numerous campaigns, arranging ordered bags collection on the same day?
Yes, you can. Your enthusiasm and engagement fills our hearts with joy! Start with packing all bags, and their total amount divide into single orders to all the campaigns that you want to support. Remember to state the same date and time for all orders. Thanks to that a courier will take all your bags during one visit at your house, according to the division to various campaigns that you have made.
32. How can I be sure that my bags will be collected by the right person?
A courier who will be serving your order, will knock on the door and will have a unique number of your order, the same one, which we had sent to you earlier. That’s why it is important not to put your bags outside of your house, but to place them into hands of a courier . Then you will have 100% certainty that your donation will be given to the campaign, whom you have decide to support.
33. How many times can I support the same campaign?
In 1step2be there are no limits. You may support the campaign of your choice many times! Bear in mind that you may also engage your relatives and acquaintances into popularization and support of your chosen campaign. Behind the success of each campaign stand only people who engage in it fully. Gathering efforts together you will all help an author of the campaign to achieve unbelievable success!
34. What is the difference between a campaign run by the Charity’s beneficiary, and a campaign run by a Person in Need?
Campaigns run by Beneficiaries are campaigns run by people associated in the Charity’s structure or other People in Need, who have received authorisation of their campaign by a Charity they had chosen. In both cases, the full amount of funds raised in such a campaign, reaches a Charity’s account, and that Charity will allocate funds according to the stated needs of its Beneficiaries.

Campaigns run by Those in Need are campaigns run by individuals, who individually decide on the distribution of the funds from the campaign, and 1step2be transfers money to their private bank accounts. These are campaigns that are not authorized by any Charity, and responsibility for their content lies with a campaign author. The only proof of campaign reliability is its content.
35. I want to give a donation to a Charity I know, but I can’t see it on the list of charities on 1step2be. What should I do?
Report your willingness to support a Charity using the form, which you can find HERE. It will be a basis for us to contact the charity that you have chosen. Perhaps, thanks to your engagement you will be able to help the Charity of your choice to save money regularly, and at the same time pursue your goals!
36. Shall I publish words of support in a campaign?
Yes, you should. Words of support have enormous meaning for campaign authors. They are as important as giving a donation itself. Spare a moment to write a few warm words, remembering at the same time, that your words of support are published automatically on a campaign card.
37. I have published words of support, yet I can’t see them on a campaign card. Why?
When it comes to words of support that you are writing at the moment of ordering textiles collection, those appear automatically on a campaign card. However, remember that a campaign author may hide them, if in their personal, subjective opinion they find them inappropriate, or incompatible with the subject or content of the campaign run on the 1step2be portal.
38. Should I add a comment to the campaign that I had supported?
Yes, you should. It is worth actively supporting a campaign that you have chosen even at a later stage, and not just finishing your actions by giving a donation. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to follow a campaign progress and realistically help in its final success. At any time, you may add your comment under a campaign you had chosen, and doing so you will show a campaign author your constant support and true interest in completion of the campaign goal.
39. I had published a comment, but it hasn’t appeared on a campaign card. Why?
It is the campaign author who decides about publishing of comments. Please be patient. If you have shared your warm words that express your support and the scale of your engagement, your comment, as soon as it is accepted by a campaign author, will appear on a campaign card.
40. How may I understand the term "abuse report"?
If something arouses your anxiety, or you have doubts regarding the reliability of a given campaign, whose campaign card you are just browsing through, or a campaign you have decided to support, then report abuse to us, describing any element that worries you. All suggestions are of great value to us and allow us to eliminate similar incidents in the future. Report abuse by clicking "Report abuse" on a campaign card.

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