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FAQ - Those in need

Questions and answers

1. How does the portal 1step2be work?
1step2be is a portal combining features of both fundraising and crowdfunding portals, dedicated to a widely understood segment of charity activities as well as people in need. The difference and innovation of 1step2be is the fact that, at 1step2be Donors help in raising money to fulfill your campaign goal, while at the same time not spending even a single pound! The functionality of 1step2be is based on an innovative process of textiles monetisation, which are turned into money that flow into your account.
2. Who can start campaigns on the 1step2be portal?
Everyone who is looking for a realistic way of financing their needs, dreams and goals. 1step2be is a portal for everyone – we do not introduce any limits. Our aim is to help as many people in need, no matter what sphere of life that help is needed. Each of us is only limited by our own imagination, and in a place like 1step2be, it is worth letting your imagination run wild! That is why, apart from Charities and their Beneficiaries, in 1step2be you will come across campaigns conducted by individuals, passionate people, dreamers, private and public institutions, religious organisations as well as numerous social initiatives! Don’t worry – the aim of your Campaign will surely find its place in the community of 1step2be Helpers!
3. Do I collect textiles?
No, you don’t. On the 1step2be portal textiles are virtual currency, which is subject to the process of monetization. As a result,on the progress bar of a campaign, there appears counted real money, which comes from the textile monetization. We will transfer the total amount of money to your account, as soon as your campaign is complete.
4. Does there need to be a specific purpose of my campaign?
You should have a specific purpose behind your Campaign, but don’t worry that you might not be able to make it. The aim of your Campaign can be even the smallest wish or need, which you decide to express aloud, and put your words on a Campaign card on the 1step2be portal. What you need or you dream about, is the most important cause that you might have. Tell your story in the best way you can, describe your aim in detail, so donors who will be reading it, understand its purpose and eagerly support your fundraising. Find out how to prepare a campaign card presenting your aim in a right way.
5. How shall I describe the amount of funds needed for the completion of my campaign?
We are sure you will be able to precisely describe the amount of funds needed to fully cover all costs and complete the aim of your campaign. The amount that you apply for cannot be smaller than 1 pound, yet, you only decide on the multiple of that pound – 1step2be does not introduce any limits. However, you must remember that the amount you apply for should be proportional to Your engagement and contribution into Campaign popularisation. The bigger the amount you apply for, the more it will require from Donors to give donations for your collection, and getting more donations will require from you and your relatives more effort on popularisation of your campaign and a larger amount of ordered bags to the process of textile monetization. Bear in mind that the progress bar will not stop when it reaches 100%! A well-conducted and well-promoted Campaign, may allow the collection of a significantly higher amount than you applied for, but in this case - everything depends on you.
6. Do I need to use my real personal details?
The philosophy of activities conducted by the 1step2be portal is credibility. This is what has the highest priority for the whole community of Helpers. You will not be able to encourage Donors to support your campaign, if its content raises even the slightest doubt, which could imply that you are not a reliable person. Bear in mind that apart from the image aspect, your personal data is essential for completion of the process of transferring funds gathered in your campaign. Without your personal data, we won’t be able to transfer to your bank account the amount of funds gathered on the subaccount of your Campaign. Don’t worry – we protect your personal identity and we will always do.

Learn more details while browsing our Privacy policy.
7. How can I share my campaign with others?
Firstly, you can share it on your social media profiles and encourage those closest to you to do the same.

You can also prepare a detailed plan of the promotion of your campaign! The instruction for creating such a plan may be found in our "A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign"
8. Why can I edit only single elements of my campaign?
We really do care about keeping a high level of satisfaction of all Users of the 1step2be portal. One of the key factors influencing satisfaction is credibility, which protects the interests and comfort of everyone, who uses the tools of the 1step2be portal, guaranteeing them a sense of security. That is why you cannot edit the title of your campaign, or the short description of it, or change the amount of funds you apply for. In most cases, these three factors will be decisive for the potential Donors to make their decisions, whether or not to engage into the Campaign you conduct.
9. Are my personal details seen by the public during the campaign?
Yes, they are. Your name and surname are public in the campaign. On that basis, your potential donors can identify the information contained on the card of your campaign and with full confidence they can make their decision to donate specifically towards your aim.
10. How long should my campaign last?
The duration of the campaign depends on many factors. Firstly, on the amount of funds that you need, secondly, on a correctly presented cause of the Campaign, and finally, on the engagement in the promotion and popularisation of your campaign. Remember that despite the time limit which you introduce, when the campaign is complete, the 1step2be portal is obliged to transfer you the whole amount of raised money, no matter if you managed to achieve 100% of the amount you requested in your Campaign or not.
11. When will the funds raised in my campaign be transferred to my bank account?
When it comes to a campaign conducted by you, there are two solutions:.

1. Money will be paid at the moment of campaign completion, according to the period of time you had established yourself when starting the Campaign;

2. Money will be paid on your clear disposition, but only after raising 100% or more than the amount you requested in your Campaign – irrespective of the time that passed from the moment of establishing your campaign.
12. Will 1step2be pay me 100% of the funds raised ?
Yes, 1step2be will pay you the full amount of funds raised in your campaign.
13. I have not managed to collect the whole needed amount. What should i do now?
Don’t worry. Despite the achieved result, the 1step2be portal will pay you the amount raised on the virtual account of your campaign, as soon as it is complete. Remember as well, that 7 days before the planned date of termination of your campaign, you will be able to extend its duration for another 14 or 30 days.

It is important, that you do not wait passively for your Beneficiaries. The amount of raised money depends only on your engagement and popularisation as well as promotion of your campaign! Get started! :)
14. Does the payout of raised funds involve any extra charges?
The segment of fees and taxes is highly varied and has numerous regulations and tax reliefs for different regions in Great Britain. If you have any doubts, please contact your lawyer, financial advisor or an account, who will certainly have full knowledge of laws in your country related to your finances.
15. Can I pick up raised funds in cash?
No, you can’t. Your funds are always transferred to the bank account you gave us. All transactions that take place on the 1step2be portal are cashless for the safety of all sides.
16. Does each single payment or the whole amount of raised funds reach my bank account?
Once a campaign is complete, the whole amount that you managed to gather on the virtual account of your campaign will be transferred to your bank account. Observe the progress of fundraising on the progress bar of your campaign – we always show there the total amount of raised money, which below is divided into single donations. Detailed settlement of current finances of your campaign can be also seen in your user account.
17. I don’t want/ I cannot collect my raised funds. What will happen with them?
If you voluntarily renounce the right to collecting the money raised in your campaign, then 1step2be will choose a charity themselves, and transfer them raised funds from your campaign.
18. Can I remove my campaign?
You cannot remove a campaign until its completion, you can only edit some of its elements, like: its detailed description, photos, films. A completed and settled campaign is moved to the archive of the 1step2be portal. Remember though, that it will always be accessible under its email address (a campaign link) on the 1step2be portal, as well as in the internet search engines.
19. Can I extend the duration of my Campaign?
Certainly. If you find that you need more time to properly conduct activities popularising your campaign, and to collect more funds, then 7 days before the planned expiration date of your campaign, we will give that possibility. Then, you will be able to decide if you want to extend the duration of your campaign for another 14 or 30 days.
20. Can I suspend my campaign?
No, you can’t suspend your campaign. Its duration is constantly ongoing according to the duration you specified. Campaign suspension would prevent your potential Donors from supporting your campaign. As an alternative to your Campaign suspension, we recommend you to improve its popularisation. You can find out more about that from our instructions.
21. Am I obliged to indicate the manner in which I spend money raised in my Campaign?
You are only responsible before your Donors for the way of settling money raised in a Campaign. We, as the 1step2be portal, value reliability and honesty, and always assume that campaign authors define their campaign purposes in a manner consistent with reality. For that reason, in our "A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign", we encourage you, on the Campaign card, that you share with Beneficiaries your summary of the way the raised money was used, as well as express your gratitude for their support. As a result, you will earn respect and gain something most valuable – trust, which will open the doors of kindness and engagement in other Campaigns that you may decide to start on the 1step2be portal.
22. What is the key to a successful campaign?
Credibility and attention to detail. Starting a Campaign itself will not give you very satisfactory financial results. You must remember that constant work on the promotion and popularization of the campaign is the key to achieving pleasantly surprising financial results. In "A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign" you will find out how to prepare and conduct a successful campaign.
23. Will 1step2be help in the promotion of my campaign?
1step2be is only a platform that gives you a chance to gather funds and shares with you ready instructions, which are the key to achieving success. In a selective and subjective way we distinguish campaigns on our website and on our social media channels. The better you prepare the content of your campaign and engage yourself into its intensive popularisation, the higher the chance that it will be distinguished or posted on our external channels of communication.
24. Can I contact my Donors?
Certainly, you can. Regular contact with your Donor is the key to the success of your Campaign. You ought to respond to any enquiries sent to you or pieces of information posted in comments as well as words of support in the possible shortest time and with the highest care. You will express in that way your gratitude for shown support, but also you may use that area to encourage your supporters to further actions, or unconventional actions that will regularly be initiated by Donors.
25. Where can I look for potential Donors?
Your Donors are your loved ones and people close to your close ones whom you will find on your social media profiles and in your local area ☺ For that reason, regular sharing of your campaign is so vital and determines its success. See for yourself what amazing results you may achieve when having a well-built and well-managed social network of your campaign by watching our ANIMATION.

In "A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign" we have prepared for you a few tips, that are going to help you on your own social network!
26. In what way shall I express my gratitude to my Donors?
Remember to express your sincere words of gratitude to them. You may try to use your imagination and creativity and thank them in a way that they will remember you and your campaign. You may record a video and then publish it on you Campaign card, you may say thank you to each Donors in person in a private email, or by replying to comments and words of support. We describe those various possibilities in our "A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign".
27. How will I know who supported my campaign?
Your Donors maybe divided into two groups:
  1. People who supported your campaign in an anonymous way
  2. People who shared their personal data in the public as part of the registration
We will inform you via email about each donation given, and donations are also recorded on the progress bar of your campaign. Bear in mind that you can use the tools, that we prepared for you in the user’s panel. This is where you will find a detailed list of your Donors who didn’t opt for anonymity as well as the amount of raised in the process of ordered textile monetisation.
28. What is going to happen when I exceed the amount of money I requested for my campaign?
If you manage to raise the whole amount, or a higher amount than you requested before the deadline of your campaign expires, then you may continue in two ways:
  1. You can make a decision about immediate completion of your Campaign,
  2. You can wait until the deadline of your Campaign expires and raise even more funds on completion of your aim!☺
29. Can I start the next campaign after the first is finished?
Certainly, you can. On the 1step2be portal we do not introduce any limitations. If an additional aim appeared, which is going to support your campaign, or even a new aim, but one that is still very important to you, there is no problem if you want to start another campaign. More than that- use your experiences from a previously run campaign and work on a better result in another one! Create a campaign
30. Can I change the aim of a campaign?
The most crucial factor responsible for the success of of your campaign is its credibility and regular and consistent popularisation. You cannot change its cause or its short description, because on that basis Donors make their decisions about their willingness of supporting your Campaign. Any changes of the aim of a Campaign may cause concerns and put your campaign into question, and the same time result in a much worse financial result of your collection.

According to our research, precisely defining the aim of a campaign is the perfect first step to achieving satisfactory results. A clearly defined aim of a campaign evokes trust of potential Donors and in a material way it encourages them to support your campaign.
31. How many times can I extend my campaign?
You can extend your own campaign as many times as you find it needed ☺ On the 1step2be portal we do not introduce any limits!☺

It is important that you not wait passively for your Donors. The amount of raised funds depends only on your engagement in promotion and popularization of your campaign! Get started! ☺


1. What is Campaign authorisation?
Authorisation is the way of making the aim of your campaign credible. You may apply for authorisation to any Charity of your choice, whose range of activity is relevant to the aim of your Campaign, or any Charity, whose Beneficiary you are.
2. Who can apply for the authorisation of a Campaign?
Any person who will correctly and precisely define their individual need and define it in a form of a specific aim of their Campaign, can apply for an authorisation. It is worth remembering, that the aim of your Campaign must be relevant to the business profile of the chosen charity, to whom you apply for authorisation.

If you are a beneficiary of any charity, associated in its structure, and you decided to start your own Campaign, then you can also apply for its authorisation to a charity you cooperate with.

In both cases, gaining authorisation of your Campaign will bring you many benefits and in a significant way will help you in completion of the aim of your Campaign.
3. What benefits come with receiving Campaign authorisation
Receiving authorisation of your Campaign you earn social approval in the eyes of potential Donors and Fundraisers on the 1step2be portal, and the credibility of your actions significantly improves. Campaign authorisation will help you easier, faster and earlier raise funds, necessary for the completion of the aim of your Campaign. Bear in mind, that your Campaign authorisation may help you gain a beneficiary status of a Charity, which may connect with numerous benefits, that only people associated in a charity structure gain. Access to specialist equipment, owned by a given Charity, as well as professional help and support may turn out to be crucial to fulfilling your need, that you described as the aim of your campaign. A campaign authorisation may also be an ideal supplement of the completion of your campaign.

Gaining authorisation of your Campaign, a charity chosen by you becomes an administrator, which means that it can fully manage your campaign and change its elements.

When deciding on authorisation of your Campaign, you agree, that the whole amount of money raised in an authorised and completed Campaign will reach directly the charity’s account, who will later handle money distribution according to the procedures and common arrangements.
4. How can I receive authorisation of my Campaign?
In order to receive Campaign authorisation it is sufficient that while you create your Campaign using the Campaign form, you choose from the available list the right Charity to whom you will apply for authorisation. Your request for Campaign authorisation will be automatically transferred to the charity of your choice. You will receive an email with information on received authorisation, and your Campaign will be distinguished as authorised.

Bear in mind, to carefully think over your choice of a Charity to whom you will apply for authorisation. Take into consideration the business profile of the chosen Charity, so it is relevant to the aim of your Campaign. If you are already a Beneficiary of any charity, choose it from the available list at the moment you create your Campaign, using the Campaign form. As soon as you receive acceptance of your Charity, your Campaign will be distinguished.
5. I would like to receive authorisation from a Charity that is close to my heart, but it is not on the 1step2be portal. What shall I do?
In a situation when a Charity you would like to apply to for authorisation does not exist on the list of charities, then use the form available HERE. We will use your case as a basis to contact the Charity of your choice, which may enable you to receive authorisation in the future. By doing that, at the same time you help yourself as well as the charity of your choice, that will be able to receive applications for authorisation through the 1step2be portal, and thanks to that, help Those in need even more than before.
6. Can I receive authorisation of a Campaign, which I have been already conducting?
You can apply for Campaign authorisation any time. Both at the moment of starting a campaign, as well as during its life. Your request for authorisation for an already ongoing campaign, can be sent using a campaign card in the user’s panel.
7. May a Charity reject my application for Campaign authorisation?
Yes, it may. A Charity could do that. We believe that a situation like that will not take place, but if it happens to you, we will ask that charity to justify their decision. As a result you will know in the future, what to do better, or what conditions you should fulfill in order to gain authorisation.
8. Can a Charity withdraw Campaign authorisation given earlier?
A Charity cannot withdraw authorisation given to your Campaign earlier. It may, however, finish your Campaign earlier – then raised money will be transferred directly to the charity’s account, and their further distribution will remain in their control, according to common arrangements.

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