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FAQ - Fundraiser

Question and answers

1. How to become a fundraiser?
In order to become a fundraiser, you need to set up a user account on the portal, then you have to click on "START A CAMPAIGN". While filling out the sections in the campaign creator, in the section referring to who will be the recipient of the funds collected in the campaign, you choose between available options:
  1. Myself
  2. Someone else
  3. Charity
Choosing option 2 involves providing details of the person you are collecting funds for. Choosing option 3 is associated with an indication of a Charity for which you collect money. Supplementing the data and content of the campaign along with its publication makes you a fundraiser! Congratulations :) 
2. How many campaigns can I run in 1step2be as a fundraiser?
In 1step2be we do not introduce any restrictions! You can set up as many campaigns as you like. Remember that their success determines their consistent popularization and community building around the goals of your campaigns. You can prepare for it in advance by planning a plan to popularize your campaigns. Useful tips can be found in the “A Guide to Planning and Popularizing a Campaign”.
Fundraise for Charity
3. How do I raise funds for a Charity?
First, log in to the portal; click on “START A CAMPAIGN”, then in the campaign creator, when creating its content, select from the available options to start the collection, which is defined as the "Charity" collection. Later, from the available list, select the Charity for which you want to collect, complete the required content in the campaign creator and create a campaign. Information about the campaign you have created will go to the Charity you indicated. At the very moment the charity authorises your campaign, this will be published on the portal, and we will inform you about that fact by email.
4. What is a campaign authorisation that I may set up for a Charity?
An authorisation is a "certificate of credibility" of the campaign you are running and that was not created by a Charity itself. Thanks to being  accepted by a Charity, the donors who support a campaign prepared exclusively by you, have a 100% guarantee that the money you have raised will go entirely to the Charity, which this campaign concerns.
5. Who can apply for the authorisation of the campaign conducted for the Charity?
For the campaign authorisation may apply any person who correctly state the purpose of campaign and wants to lead the collection of funds for the Charity of their choice.
6. How can I inform Chairty that I want to start fundraising on its behalf?
You do not have to worry about it. 1step2be will do everything for you. All you need to do is select Charity when creating a campaign, choosing from those listed on the Charity list in the campaign creator.
7. I have not found Charity on behalf of whom I want to set up a campaign. How do I set up a campaign on its behalf?
Do not worry, we'll help you lead to a situation in which you'll be able to start raising funds for a content-specific Charity that is not yet in 1step2be. To show us Charity, who we should invite to cooperate click [here] and fill in the application form. We will make every effort to ensure that Charity, indicated by you, appears in as soon as possible! ☺
8. Can Charity refuse to grant authorisation to a Campaign?
Yes, it can. A charity may refuse to grant authorisation to your campaign. We believe that a situation like that does not happen too often, but if it happens to you, then we will ask the charity to share with you the justification of the decision. As a result, you will know what you can do better in the future.
9. Can a charity withdraw the previously granted Campaign authorisation?
A Charity can not withdraw the previously granted campaign authorisation. It may, however, terminate your campaign earlier - then the collected funds will go directly to the Charity account.
10. Can I run campaigns for many Charity at the same time?
Of course! In 1step2be we do not introduce any restrictions! If you are able to promote a lot of campaigns at the same time, taking care of achieving the set goals, then we encourage you to do it! ☺
11. How will the "Charity" campaign, which I run as a fundraiser, be settled?
A completed campaign that you have run for a Charity is automatically settled by funds transfer to the bank account indicated by a given Charity.
Fundraise 'for someone else'
12. How to raise funds "for someone else"?
Log in to; click on "START A CAMPAIGN", then in the campaign creator when creating its content, choose from the available options to start the collection, which is referred to as "Someone else", provide personal details of the person and fill in the rest of the content in the campaign creator.
13. How can I validate the campaign I'm setting up for someone else?
You can validate your campaign by applying for its authorisation. The authorisation is granted by the Charity you selected, whose statutory objectives are in line with the goal of the campaign you are creating.
14. What is the campaign authorisation that I may get for another person?
An authorisation is an authentication of the purpose of your campaign, for which you turn to the selected Charity, whose profile of activity is in line with the goal of the campaign, which you set up for the benefit of another person.
15. Where and when can I apply for an authorisation of the assumed campaign?
You can apply for an authorisation of a campaign while it is being created by going to the campaign creator in the "Charity authorisation" section by selecting from the list of available charities the one you want to obtain; or at any time when your campaign is in progress just by applying for authorisation using the "Campaigns" menu section and later going to the "Charity Authorisation" in the campaign service wizard. Your request for the Campaign authorisation will be automatically transferred to the selected Charity - you will be notified by email about your authorisation, and your campaign will be properly identified as authorised - by being marked with an asterisk and indication of the Charity name.
16. Can I run a collection for a person who does not have a user account on the portal?
Yes you can. The portal, perceives you as a creator of a campaign, who is responsible for its content, purpose and credibility. The person on behalf whom you are accumulating funds does not need to have a user account in the portal, but in order to ensure an active building of the Helpers community, we suggest that the person engages in this campaign by its popularisation and responding to the comments and support words published by the people who give. For this purpose, the person does not need to register a user account - it is enough that they log in through their FB profile.
17. How will the "for someone else" campaign, which I run as a fundraiser, be settled
Settlement of the finished campaign conducted for someone else takes place on the basis of a completed cash withdrawal statement, in which you enter the bank account number of the person whom you indicated as the recipient of funds when setting up the campaign. On the basis of this document, funds accumulated in the campaign are transferred to the bank account indicated in the statement of cash withdrawal.

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