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About us

1step2be is completely free portal which combined features of both fundraising and crowdfunding into one. 1step2be is dedicated to helping charities and those in need. Donors are able to fundraise for charities and those in need without spending a single pound. 1step2be is based on the innovative process of textile monetisation, whereby clothes are turned into money and donated to the desired charity or fundraiser.

100% of the money raised will go to your chosen cause. That is how 1step2be works now, and will always work.



We believe that every person matters, and the smallest of gestures may significantly help someone in need. We prove everyday that "THERE'S ONLY 1STEP 2BE CHARITABLE". Believe that "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF YOU TRY!"

We will donate
of the money received to a campaign of your choice


How it works

See how 1step2be works...Remember that 1step2be is a completely free-of-charge and innovative tool that helps raise funds without having to spend a single penny.


1step2be makes it possible




Easy way to help in 3 steps!


Choose a campaign that you wish to support


Pack clothing into any type of bags you already have at home and select the date for them to be collected (we'll recycle or reuse all plastic)


With one click you can be sure, that you will benefit selected charity and also help in reducing the 1 billion plastic charity bags that pollute the environment




Who can we help?


If you have a certain goal or dream, we will be happy to help you to complete your aims. We give a fully free-of-charge platform at your disposal, thanks to which, everything is possible when you start a campaign! We do not introduce any limits in 1step2be. With joy and excitement we observe and try to support with popularising activities any campaigns that appears on our portal. It doesn’t matter, whether they are conducted by a Charity, their beneficiaries, institutions, social initiatives or individuals — like yours for instance! :) It is enough to believe that everything is possible and make 1step, to start an amazing adventure, which results will astonish you!



Free of charge

Using 1step2be is and always will be free. There are no fees nor commissions. We always transfer 100% of the amount raised by a Donor through textile monetization. Money appears on the progress bar of the supported campaign. After the campaign is complete, the total amount of donations is paid out to an account indicated by the campaign author. This is how it works at present and it will work in the future!

See how it works:

1 You order the collection of textiles on the card of the chosen campaign

2 A courier takes the ordered bags with textiles and weighs them in your presence

3 You confirm the amount of collected kilograms, and at the same time the amount of received funds


Each 1 kilo = 13 pence


5 The total amount you’ve raised will be shown on the progress bar of your chosen campaign


We will donate
of the money received to a campaign of your choice

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