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Fundraise and donate to charity without spending a single penny

In the UK alone, there are almost 168,000 charities all vying for funds they desperately need to help their cause. Despite over 75% of the UK population donating to charitable businesses in 2018, almost 1,000 charities have been lost over the past decade. It becomes more crucial for charities to look for new ways to receive donations.

1step2be is a free innovative platform that allows charities and fundraisers to raise funds through textile monetisation.

Why is textile monetisation the way forward?

In 2016, the average donation amount for charities was £18. In 2017, people in the UK bought 1.5 million tonnes of textiles, equating to a whopping 250 g per household. By using a textiles monetisation scheme, charities and fundraisers can receive financial help whilst donors don’t have to spend a single penny to help their chosen organisations, and so in theory, donors will be able to give more to charities and campaigns.

What is more, in 2016 UK households threw away over 300,000 tonnes of clothing which ended up in landfill, and around 75% of people admitted to throwing unwanted clothing and textiles away rather than recycling. However, by encouraging people to donate their unwanted clothes to charity through 1step2be, we can not only save textiles from going to landfill but also raise vital additional funds for charities, initiatives and campaigns.

How 1step2be works

  1. Register an account. You can sign up here.
  2. Create a campaign for your charity, social initiative, enterprise, or individuals you want to support.
  3. Donors will then choose the campaign they want to support, gather textiles and arrange a collection.
  4. Campaigns will receive 100% of the money their donors have raised through textile monetisation, 1kg = 13p.
  5. Campaigns can then withdraw the money and receive free financial help.

If you’d like to donate to a charity, set up a campaign or to find out more, then please head to the 1step2be website.

Posted by Howard Lake on 3 December 2018 in UK Fundraising