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date 28 March 2019
The advantages of recycling your clothes through 1step2be vs conventional charity clothing collections

With spring time nearly upon us and summer soon to follow, many of us are clearing out our closets in anticipation for the coming season’s latest styles. While we already know what we are looking for, and many of us have been working on our summertime bodies since the middle of winter, many people don’t know what to do with the closes in their closets that either don’t fit or just aren’t in style any more.

date 03 December 2018
Fundraise and donate to charity without spending a single penny

In the UK alone, there are almost 168,000 charities all vying for funds they desperately need to help their cause. Despite over 75% of the UK population donating to charitable businesses in 2018, almost 1,000 charities have been lost over the past decade. It becomes more crucial for charities to look for new ways to receive donations.

1step2be is a free innovative platform that allows charities and fundraisers to raise funds through textile monetisation.

date 21 November 2018
Textile donation service lets donors choose where their money goes

A free-of-charge portal has launched that gives individuals full control over where the money goes for their unwanted clothing and textiles.

1step2be lets individuals turn their unwanted textiles into money and either donate the money to a campaign already on the portal or set up their own. The service donates 13p for every kilo of textiles donated.

date 12 November 2018
Online portal launches to turn clothes into cash

An online portal has launched to turn unwanted clothes into cash donations for charities.

1step2be donates 13p for every kilo of clothes it receives, to the charity of the each donor’s choice. Each donation is also eligible for Gift Aid.

“1step2be was created based on in-depth market analysis which has shown us things that need to change to make clothes collections more sustainable, and easier for donors to get involved,” said 1ste2be Director and Co-owner Jakub Czernecki.

date 08 November 2018
1step2be, Helping People Declutter, Donate and Do Good

1step2be, a new free-of-charge portal is changing the way of donating to charities by allowing individuals to have full control over where the money goes for their clothes, without spending a penny.

1step2be turns unwanted textiles into money and donates the money to a cause of their choice. Not only that, a courier comes to the donors, weighs the textiles and tells them instantly how much their unwanted clothes will make for their chosen cause.